Playlist Necessities: Little Mix, 5 Seconds of Summer, Jamie Lawson, Augustana

12:59 PM

To quote Dropkick Murphys... I'm shipping up to Boston!

I'm headed to Boston for the weekend to visit friends and go to our homecoming game (which is hockey at my school since, well, we don't have a football team anymore...) against our arch rivals and I couldn't be more excited. I haven't been to a hockey game in ages because I haven't been on campus, and there are people I haven't seen since January - or even longer - that I hope I get to see over the next couple days.

In order to get to Boston though, I have to sit on a bus for four to five hours, hope and pray with all my might that I don't get motion sickness, and drain my phone battery listening to music.

These are four songs I'll be jamming out to on my ride up tomorrow.
Grown - Little Mix
Happy Get Weird Day! Little Mix, one of my favorite groups, released their third album today, and I am most excited to finally have a high quality studio version of "Grown." I've been obsessed with this song since they performed it at this year's Apple Music Festival, and now I can finally add it to all of my playlists.

Permanent Vacation - 5 Seconds of Summer

Sometimes, when I'm confined to a small space for five hours, I just need a big anthem to keep my energy up and survive the trip. What better tune than one where Michael Clifford is screaming "we're the voice of the new generation" into my ears? Nothing, that's what.

Wasn't Expecting That - Jamie Lawson

Other times, I need a break and just need something calming to last the trip. That's when I know I can turn to Jamie. "Wasn't Expecting That" is one of those songs that I love more with each listen.

Boston - Augustana

And of course, a trip to Boston isn't complete without a song that says the city name right in the title. This is perfect for staring out the window while on the long highways through Connecticut into Massachusetts.

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  1. Great tunes! I love 5sos. Thanks for sharing x

    Your blog is great! Would you maybe want to follow each other? Let me know x
    Lina /

    1. Thank you! 5SOS is one of my faves <3 and absolutely! :)


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