November Favorites: Drugstore Finds and Holiday Cards

12:53 PM

This is slightly behind schedule, seeing as it's now Dec. 4 rather than the first... but because November was my first full month back in the blogosphere after quite a long break, I wanted to make sure I wrote a favorites post to celebrate!
1 - CVS Anti-Stress Clay Facial Mask: I don't know if it was all the traveling I did this month and the change in water, or the whiplash in weather, but over Thanksgiving break, I started getting a random zit right in the middle of my chin... not pretty. I had to go to CVS anyways to pick up a couple things, so while I was there, I decided to throw in a new face mask too. I love a good face mask, but it's one of those things where I never stick with one particular product. In the last few months, I also got out of the habit of using a face mask regularly, so I wanted to get one just to refresh my skin and rejuvenate it. I could feel this mask working and I saw a difference immediately, so I've been using it consistently since.

2 - Burt's Bees Lip Crayon: I got this lip crayon in a gift bag last Christmas, but I didn't get around to using it until early November. I was taking a look in my makeup bag for something new and when I spotted this at the bottom, I decided to give it a go. I love it because the color is enough to make a difference, but still subtle enough that I feel fine applying it without a mirror (and I'm so insecure about putting on lipstick without a mirror). And, because it's from Burt's Bees, it keeps my lips colored and moisturized. I have a few other shades that I haven't opened yet, but the one photographed, and the one I've been using, is Redwood Dragon.

3 - Walgreen's Profusion Berry Eyeshadow Palette: I picked this little palette up for $1 at Walgreen's one day when I was waiting for a friend, and honestly, I've been so impressed by it, especially for its price. It's much more pigmented than I was expecting and blends so easily. I've actually used this palette every day since I bought it at the beginning of November. With its tri-color setup, it's so simple and straightforward to use in the mornings when I don't feel like thinking too hard just yet. The only downside is the brush is cheap and probably going to fall apart any day now, but hey, that's what I get for $1.

4 - Paper Source holiday cards: I started buying my holiday cards in the first half of November. It's the earliest I've ever bought holiday cards, but I wanted to reach some friends early as I knew they'd be in the holiday season at work already. Paper Source had one of its usual "buy 3 get 1 free" sales one weekend, so obviously I caved and ended up with an abundance of cards. It's been great though because I keep thinking of more people to add to my list as I've been slowly writing and sending them out all month! I've been loving being able to share a bit of cheer with the people I care about.

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  1. I definitely want to try out that face mask! I've fallen out of the habit of using them but they always work so well!

    XO Raquel

    1. Every time I get back into the habit of using face masks, I wonder why I ever stopped haha. They're wonderful!

  2. Im in love with your posts, also great personality!

    [My blog]

  3. Replies
    1. It's such a lovely subtle color! I recommend it. :)

  4. That face mask looks amazing! I love skin products that have clay in them. Great picks!
    xo Kiki

    1. I'm always drawn to the clay face masks, whenever I'm in doubt! Thank you!

  5. So lovely!

  6. Nice post,


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