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Ever hear about an artist and know you need to share his or her music with absolutely everyone you know? The last time I was so inclined to write up about a new artist I had heard about was Frances after seeing her open for James Bay (who, obviously, makes it onto his own share of my playlists).

But, when I heard Brock Baker's voice mixed with Alyson Stoner's, which I was already familiar with, I knew it was time to share this video with everyone. Brock collaborated with Alyson to come up with this masterful medley of Rihanna's "Desperado" and Alyson's own original "Back to Church."

Lucky for me, I had the opportunity to ask Brock a few questions after seeing this video. If you're interested in how the Arizona-bred first got into music or what it's like to work with Alyson, keep reading!

How did you first get interested in music and know it was what you wanted to do?

I have wanted to entertain since my first performance at the age of four. Having a father that helped pastor a church of 10,000 meant I was always involved in any production. I started singing in musical theatre, recording, and acted/sang for 8,000 people a night for 14 performances as my first gig. Church was where it all started for me. It was my foundation. It was what got my foot in the door, and it helped me understand where my talents come from and what they’re meant for. I'm very blessed to have known that I wanted to entertain since a young age. It’s helped me always feel like I’ve had a purpose and I really believe it’s always been meant to be.

I love that above everything, you call yourself as an entertainer. What do you love most about entertaining people, whether it’s through music, writing, or acting?

I think that I love creating art for the thrill of sharing it. Music is a universal language that has the ability to change people’s hearts and minds and make people move. It is a powerful thing that can break through any wall or security detail. Art hangs on the walls of dignitaries, presidents, and royalty… music is in the ears of these great leaders, but it also reaches the poorest communities. The words and the melodies can bring all classes and races together no matter what differences they might have. Some songs become our lifetime anthem and shape the way we think and walk and talk. Acting helps us see and feel the emotions given heightened circumstances. It all ultimately helps us understand life a little bit more and can take us to places that are beyond what the eye can see. But beyond all that, I just love watching people be affected (for good) by my creations, my collaborations, and the truth that I'm trying to convey through entertainment.

Credit: Jenson Carter

What was it like working with Alyson on your new video? Any funny on-set stories?

I love Alyson so much. We’ve been working together for years and this last year, I was fortunate enough to be the only other writer on her music project. We have been best friends and I think that helps the creating process. Working on the new video was so fun! She’s such a professional, she always comes prepared, and of all the people that I’ve ever met, she truly is the hardest working person I’ve ever come across. She is such a talent machine!

It was so funny to me that she showed up wearing a cool skirt and top with a clip included. She is so fit and skinny that her clothes don’t always fit even if they are extra tiny, so she had a clip on. While she looked beautiful from the front, she had a big ole clip hanging from behind.

How did you choose what songs to cover? Then, how did you come up with the “Desperado” and “Back to Church” medley?

The songs I choose always either come from the fans' requests, a buddy saying “this song is dope,” or just a song that I’ve had an attachment to in the past. The “Back to Church/ Desperado” melody was all Alyson's Idea. I was playing our song “Back to Church” and then she just started singing Bad Girl RiRi’s jam. It seemed to fit pretty seamlessly, so we went with it. Both songs have a little bit of a darker vibe with lighter catchy moments that spark the attention of the listener. I love 'em both!

Look out for part two of my interview with Brock coming next week!

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  4. I love that his interest (and talent!) for singing and music in general begun at church. He certainly does have a great voice - this is my first listen and yet straight away you can tell he's not going to screw up a note, which makes it all the more enjoyable to listen to!

    1. Yes! I love his whole approach to music. Completely agreed!

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  6. Thank you for sharing! I'll be listening to his music. It's amazing that you got to ask a few questions to him and his answers are interesting.

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