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I used to have a blog titled "The Husky Life," as it was meant to mark my college years as a Northeastern Husky. Although I am still very much a proud Husky, as the amount of  time left till graduation gets shorter than how long it's been since my first day of freshman year, I realized I needed to think of something new. If all goes as planned, this is a blog I want to continue even after I graduate and venture into the real world. (Here goes take two...)

I remembered while studying abroad in Rome in summer 2012, my friends and I came across something very special to me. On one of our first days there, we were walking around aimlessly after orientation and getting lost - the best way to get to know a place - when we found a street named Via Sora.

Turns out, our favorite gelateria, Frigidarium, that we went to practically every day, was on the corner of that street. It was clearly meant to be!

But, I digress - as a child who could never find her name on souvenirs growing up, seeing my name on a street sign in Rome was a pretty big deal. If I'm not mistaken, which I could very well be, "via" is part of the street names in Italy, which makes sense, given the meaning of the word. According to Merriam-Webster, via means "by way of," whether it be through a place or a person.

While in Rome, Via Sora may mean by way of that particular street, here, I hope it comes to mean by way of... well, me. I want this to be a place where I share my style, my music, and my day-to-day, wherever I am in the world.

So here's to life via Sora. :)

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